Window Tinting Services

MR. DETAIL offers Window Tinting for any vehicle. We use Llumar non-metalized A+ series. Our trained team of professionals have tinted hundreds of vehicles and will ensure a quality finish that looks like it came from the factory that way.

3 Window Tint (Fixed) most Cars $229.99
3 Window Tint (Non-fixed/Rolldown windows) most Cars $279.99
5 Window Tint (rear car) most Cars $329.99
5 Window Tint Complete for $379.99
7 Window Tint most Cars $439.99
*Luxury/High End add $75.00

We offer the original purchaser a lifetime warranty against defects.

Once you get your tint…

Use only water and a soft rag to gently clean the inside of your windows to avoid scratching your tint.

Tint needs approximately 3 days to set after installation, so please leave Windows up.

Tint laws in Alberta

Under current traffic laws of Alberta it is currently not legal to have your windsheild, driver’s side and/or passenger’s side front windows tinted to any degree. New cars are only sold with tint starting at the shoulder of the driver and going backwards, which is legal. Different provinces have thier own laws, which you may want to be aware of when travelling. If you have your front windows tinted, you can be ticketed by police if they see fit. We can tint your car to what you want, but we assume no responsibility for your vehicle or its legality. One thing is for sure, the darker the tint, the higher the chances of being ticketed.

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Our Available Tint Options

Window tint types are gauged by how much light they let pass through, so the lower the percentage, the darker the effect. Please visit our shop to view some samples.

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At MR.DETAIL, we only use the best in window films and the work is done by specialized installers.

Some of the vehicles we have tinted:

See more photos in the Gallery