Exterior Paint Wax & Polishing

Hand Wax / Orbital Wax

Give your vehicle’s surface a little protection. We use only the finest in waxes. An exterior wash included with this service. For waxing and polishing to have the best effect, the paint on the vehicle must be in good condition.

Cars $119.99
Minivans, SUV’s etc. $149.99
Dark colors Add +$50
Oversize Vehicles Add +$50
Contaminant removal extra (tar, sap, overspray etc.) See Sidebar

Power polishing

We can clean & polish your painted surfaces to an almost like-new shine that brings back the luster in your paint. For vehicles with paint in a little worse condition, a three step polish will greatly improve the finish by removing minor imperfections and scratches (light).

One step Polish $295.00
Dark colors Add $50.00
Luxury/High End Add $75.00
Oversize Add $100.00

Cut Polishing

tar and sap removal mr detail

This process uses advanced compounds to buff away light scratches on the clear coat of the paint job. First, a micro-abrasive is used to polish or “cut” the surface. Second, a less abrasive polish is used, After that, a wax sealant is applied to help with protection. This process gives a like-new shine and a clear improvement to the finish. The results will be more evident on vehicles that have never had this process done. Our team is trained to see what areas need the most attention.

Cut Polishing $499.99 and up

Complete Detail/Cleaning Package

Get several interior and exterior services for one low price! An excellent thing to do to increase your chance of selling your vehicle!

Interior Vacuum, Interior Shampoo, Engine Detail, Orbital Polish/Wax, Trunk
Small SUV’s, CUV’s Add +$100.00
Large SUV’s & Luxury Add +$150.00
Surcharge for Rough Vehicles Please Ask

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Other Exterior Services

Tar & Sap Contamination Removal

MR. DETAIL can provide you with an estimate for the safe removal of Tar, Sap, and Overspray etc… After a visual check of the vehicles’ surface, we’ll provide you with a price according to the severity of coverage. We will use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods to safely remove the contaminant and leave the paint surface clean.

Engine Detail/Shampoo

A detailed cleaning of under the hood and then dressed up for that new engine look! From $89.95

* Owners risk and responsibility