Protective Film Kits

Protect your new vehicle against those small white chips on your hood and front bumper caused by the sand and gravel used on our roads in Calgary. When applied to a new vehicle, the film will preserve the shine of the covered area and be minimally noticeable. There is no better way to protect a new vehicle’s front bumper and paint from wear and tear. 99% of all kits are pre-cut specifically for your vehicle. Starting at $299.00

The film effectively protects against:

  • Pitting from sand or gravel
  • Corrosion caused from paint damage
  • Headlamp breakage (with available headlamp kits)
  • Minor scuffs & scratches

Film Types we carry

We carry genuine and Proskin films.


We are an authorized dealer of genuine 3M films. We carry the Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Top Coat and Pro types.


We carry the Proskin line of paint protection film products.

Scotchgard Topcoat kits come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Scotchgard Pro kits have a 7 year warranty.

Protect your investment

3M Window Films

To keep a new vehicle looking it’s best, you will want to consider costs for repairs down the line. For a full kit specifically cut and professionally installed, you will typically spend between $350 – $700 and up, depending on the coverage and amount of material required. If the front fender and grille area paint is damaged, the cost to re-paint the area can be upwards of $1000 and may or may not result in a perfect match.

New Vehicle Protection Packages

3m Protection Calgary

We offer full paint, underbody and interior protection packages for new vehicles. Starting at $649.99

New Vehicle Protection Packages

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There are multiple options for each vehicle depending on the amount of coverage. Base Kits will cover the most vulnerable areas at the front of the vehicle. The more extensive kits will cover the front bumper, complete hood, mirrors, and front fenders.

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Better Protection

Our Hood, Fender kits are cut out of 24 inch material for max protection and less seams, most shops only offer 18 inch coverage.