Remote Starters & Alarms

Remote Starters can be added to almost any vehicle and can make Calgary winters a little easier to deal with. Skip the part of your morning routine when you have to run outside into the cold to start your engine. An auto starter can get your vehicle warmed up with the push of a button.

Some models work several hundred meters away.

We have installed over 1000 of these systems into cars in Calgary over the last 15 years. We know what companies make the best starters. That means reliable, trouble free, and provide enough range to start from a distance.

Selling the units and doing the installations allows us to give you a good deal and guarantee our work. We do not install units that are not purchased from us.

Units start at $250*

*not including bypass (security integration) and installation

Remote Starter Prices

These prices are approximate, and include parts and labour only.

1-Way 3000 ft. approx. $575.00
2-Way 3000 ft. approx. $675.00
2-Way 5000 ft. approx. $750.00

Our Units

We carry Compustar and AutoStart units – two of the best in our opinion.


Compustar Page


  • AS-2481TW
  • AS 1880 FM
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